Monday, May 4, 2015

A peaceful message

In this world
World full of trouble
Trouble for a colorful time.
Time is running short.
Short is as the day is long.
Long journey to where we belong.
Belong to one another.
Another wait for change.
Change from the anger and the rage.
Rage is the war we have on one another.
Another day will you become my brother?
Brother of peace as we are all family.
Family we should unite.
Unite as one regardless if we are black, red, or white.
White is like the day, red is of the sun, black is like the night.
Night is created by the one.
One who created the sun.
Sun that lights up the day.
Day of change will come.
Come to everyone.
Everyone will gather.
Gather to see our maker.
Maker of all the colors of our sister and our brothers.
Brothers please unite.
Unite because its right.

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