Monday, May 4, 2015

A peaceful message

In this world
World full of trouble
Trouble for a colorful time.
Time is running short.
Short is as the day is long.
Long journey to where we belong.
Belong to one another.
Another wait for change.
Change from the anger and the rage.
Rage is the war we have on one another.
Another day will you become my brother?
Brother of peace as we are all family.
Family we should unite.
Unite as one regardless if we are black, red, or white.
White is like the day, red is of the sun, black is like the night.
Night is created by the one.
One who created the sun.
Sun that lights up the day.
Day of change will come.
Come to everyone.
Everyone will gather.
Gather to see our maker.
Maker of all the colors of our sister and our brothers.
Brothers please unite.
Unite because its right.

What scares me most

What scares me most, no its not a ghost.
Ghost of my past, wait not so fast.
Fast I am making decisions.
Decisions that will make or break me.
Me, am I concerned.
Concerned for the path I have earned.
Earned is a way of life.
Life is what you make of it.
It seems to be to much.
Much I have seen.
Seen the unseen.
Unseen to be unclean.
Unclean to be blessed.
Blessed is when I want to rest.
Rest for now.
Now I see forever somehow.

A Christmas Poem

Snow falling all around.
Around the wind makes no sound.
Sound of the shutters.
Shutters my body.
Body of earth.
Earth turns cold.
Cold brings fire.
Fire warms my desire.
Desire for family, desire for friends.
Friends and family make me want this holiday to never end.
End of the year, we start to cheer.
Cheer for a new beginning.
Beginning with life.
Life to sun, sun to Snow.
Snow you must go so the grass can grow.
Grow in what you experience.
Experience new things.
Things that makes us smile.
Smile the snow will be back in a while.

My one and only dream

My one and only dream is to be true.
True becomes the color blue.
Blue as I look at you.
You and me together make three.
Three as we are more once again we turn to four.
Four years have passed and our lives have crashed.
Crashed into trauma I made someone else a mama.
Mama save me from who I have become.
Become something better so I can write my love letter.
Letter to you, I will remain the one for you.
You had faith in me, So now I am free.
Free from burdens and blessing for he.
He will set my path so I will not seek his wrath
Wrath from others is inevitable.
Inevitable is a way from which we cannot stray.
Stray from our burdens.
Burdens become a cancer.
Cancer that we cannot heal.
Heal your wounds.
Wounds are no more.
More in life.
Life restores.